Saturday, March 3, 2007

Getting a new boss

My boss is quitting my company. He wants to move back with family and have kids and stuff. Good for him, but crappy for me. The guy who is supposed to replace has some very big shoes to fill.

My old boss was excellent. He cared about and believed in the product we're making, he supported my colleagues and I to the best of his ability. He let me have very flexible work hours and was easy about taking vacation days. Most importantly he was extremely enthusiastic about our work and it was contagious.

The guy who is going to take his place isn't bad. I know him and he's a nice guy. But he isn't in the same league as my former boss. Additionally he is about to start managing a huge code-base that he knows nothing about. My former boss wrote/architected a good amount of our code and now this other guy is supposed to come in and take it over.

It'll be interesting to see how it plays out.

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