Monday, March 31, 2008

The Backup Problem Is Solved

Like just about everyone else I hate doing backups. My main computer is a laptop so I use external hard-drives to backup everything. Jesus are external hard-drives finicky! I've gone through three broken drives in two years. It sucks up my time and my money.

Well no more. I've found SugarSync.

SugarSync is honestly one of the coolest Web-2.0 technologies I've seen yet. It solves the backup problem with as few headaches as possible. There is no need to buy extra drives, DVD-RWs, or backup appliances. Everything is stored on the internet.

One downside is that SugarSync is kinda pricy. It charges a yearly subscription fee which costs about the same price as buying a hard drive every year. However I bet the price will come down and besides, there are loads of extra perks.

Because everything is stored on the internet you can access your documents from anywhere. It also uses Amazon's redundant backup system so there is zero chance you'll lose any data. It can also sync data from multiple computers/laptops/phones. It runs quietly in the background and and uses less system resources than winamp. But best of all, its brain-dead easy while being extremely powerful.

I'm normally a skeptic when it comes to new technology, however take my word for it... this is good, real good. Buy the product, or if you can, some stock in the company.

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