Thursday, July 21, 2011

What is

I have been getting a bunch of hits from The hits seem like real people, not robots. But there's nothing on that website. Their whois information is private. If you go to that page you just get a blank flash script (is it blank?). Some random post mentions it and it seems to be related to adobe, but that may be just because it's a ".swf". Anyone have any better ideas?

My guess is that it's a script for bouncing people from one site to another, but I really have no idea.


Anonymous said...

If still interested in answer, I just found this topic at StackExchange, having the same problem:

The hits are caused by a broken browser addon, which is why they looks as if they were not done by a bot.

X*D*G said...

i was getting this:
what is

i removed something called from my browser addons and i do not get this request anymore i hope this helps

Sean said...

It's a flash script most likely trying to access your crossdomain.xml

Yontoo is known to be malicious adware similar to Text Enhance which all run adware through browsers using flash.