Monday, February 14, 2011

Addicted to Logs

I released my website just a week or two ago. Since then, I've probably checked and rechecked the server logs a hundred times a day. I'm totally addicted. I now check them more than email. When I'm away from my computer I get nervous thinking about the activity I'm missing.

What I love the most is sitting there refreshing the logs watching a user's every move. I see what pages they click on and how long they stay on a page. I try to imagine them sitting there, reading the different blurbs and thinking about where to click next. When they inevitably navigate away from my site I wonder in agony why they would leave. Was the price too high? Does the site look too unprofessional or do they think it's a scam? Or is there some random browser bug on their system that caused it to be displayed improperly? I may never know. But I always blame myself.

But I continue hitting refresh. The unrelenting self-doubt wont stop me from eavesdropping on the next person who comes on the site. I'll change some text here tweak the layout there. I keep wanting to slash and burn whole areas of the site but I'm also too scared to touch it because it works sort-of.

I think I'll just stay here and keep watching.

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