Monday, March 21, 2011

Lincoln Lawyer: Just a big law-school hypo?

I just saw Lincoln Lawyer this weekend. It seemed like a good movie but I was not really able to enjoy it. The entire time it brought me back to my professional responsibility class, which I'm taking this semester. Throughout the two hour movie I could not stop analyzing the dozen or so legal ethics issues that popped up. Some of the issues are pretty clear cut: In the first five minutes, the lead protagonist intentionally delays his client's case because his client hadn't paid him. But other issues including attorney client privilege and conflicts are harder and the entire time my mind was racing through model rules of professional responsibility.

The movie is filled with plenty cliches and cheesy scenes (getting paid in cash by a motorcycle gang), but it also has some good ones too ("There is no client as scary as an innocent man.").

Overall a pretty good movie. But if you're a law student watching it, try to relax and enjoy rather than treating it like a law school exam.

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